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SMC Corporation of America provides a broad range of pneumatic and electric automation equipment to various industry segments, and is recognized as the global leader in the automation industry. Our product ranges include air cylinders, grippers, slide tables, solenoid valves, fittings, tubing, air preparation equipment, dryers, and high purity products. In fact, our product catalog includes 17 volumes. As a global company, we can support you wherever you are.


SMC Corporation of America has instituted a quality management system. This quality management system addresses the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Quality Standards as defined in ISO 9001:2008.
This Quality System has been approved by all levels of management for issue and implementation within the company. The purpose of this quality system is to assure that all products and services provided will meet or exceed the requirements specified by our customers, thereby contributing to the continued growth and prosperity of the company and its stake holders.


SMC solenoid valves and manifolds feature low power consumption, high flow rates, quick response times and clean aesthetic designs. SMC solenoid valves are used extensively in the semi conductor, automotive, packaging, medical, specialty machine, and machine tool industries. Whatever your application is, we have a dependable solenoid valve series that will accommodate your most demanding application.

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