New In-House Machine Vision Lab

Our Machine Vision Team takes a consultative approach to leverage your in-depth knowledge of your application with our Automation & Machine Vision expertise. SICK’s SensorApps are Pre-Engineered Drag & Drop Software Toolkits that allow even inexperienced users to quickly and intuitively configure our Vision Hardware. By utilizing these application specific SensorApps, it’s easier than ever to implement Machine Vision Systems without ever needing to code a single line.

Pre-Engineered Vision: Applications

  • Quality & Presence Inspection
  • Robot Guidance
  • Label Inspection & OCR Reading
  • Belt Picking
  • Image-Based Code Readers
  • Line Scan Inspection & Counting

Our Machine Vision Services:

  • Value Engineered Consulting & Design
  • Live Product Demonstrations
  • Concept Proving In-House Vision Lab
  • Training on Configurable Vision Solutions
  • Turn-Key Integration & Configuration
  • Start-Up Assistance & Technical Support

Advantages of SICK Vision:

Sick makes Machine Vision as intuitive to implement as an industrial sensor: 

  • Built-In Tools Right Out of the Box
  • Excellent Performance Value
  • Intuitive Drag & Drop Configuration
  • Intelligent Hardware
  • Reduces Development Time
  • Web-based User Interface

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