Automation Update May 2019

SICK LMS7xx Radar Technology

Simultaneous field evaluation and measurement data output in just one device.

Your Benefits

  • Enables new solutions for mobile applications by combining intelligent field evaluation and measurement data output.
  • Reliable object detection independent of the object, even with strong ambient light
  • The measurement data output enables capture of additional data about parameters such as object size, shape, etc.
  • Easy integration into compact AGVs thanks to small size of the sensor
  • Easy commissioning with rotatable connections and accessories perfectly attuned to the sensors; only a few adjustable SOPAS software parameters are necessary for commissioning
  • Improved behavior for edge hits thanks to HDDM+

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Mitsubishi GT25 Rugged

The GT25 Rugged Series HMI is a damage-resistant graphical operator terminal built to withstand extreme environments and conditions. Reinforced with a metal housing, this rugged model is a good fit for applications that require extra durability, such as in food processing systems which need high-pressure washdown, or where the GOT will be exposed to the elements, such as on construction equipment and heavy machinery like cranes and ships. It also comes equipped with an extra-bright screen for outdoor use under sunlight.


SMC Series CA2-X2968 – Cylinder with Mounted Valve

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