Automation Update October 2019

SICK Label Checker

Label Checker is a multi-functional and easy-to-set compact quality control system designed for various label inspections, with primary focus on optical character recognition. The system improves productivity by performing multiple inspections simultaneously and ensures high quality output. Thanks to the advanced tools, it is not limited to reading and verifying printed texts, barcodes and 2D codes, but it also checks the correct label position, presence of pictograms, and print quality. Moreover, Label Checker offers image filters and other features such as overlapping characters segmentation and-, image calibration that ensure reliable operation, even in challenging applications

  • Compact all-in-one system
  • Multifunctional by combining various label inspections
  • High reliability thanks to robust deep-learning-based algorithms
  • Easy set-up and configuration via web interface
  • Flexible optical design and high-power illumination, able to fit almost any application
  • Rugged housing, ideal for harsh ambient conditions
  • Multiple programs and job switching

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Mitsubishi MR-J5 SERIES

The MR-J5 Series are high-performance, industry leading servo amplifiers featuring a unique engine that is more powerful than ever before. Each multi-axis servo amplifier drives a maximum of either two or three servo motors, depending on the model of servo amplifier chosen, simplifying wiring and enabling a compact machine at a lower cost.

  • General Purpose Interface-Compatible MR-J5-A
    Enable position control by pulse train command and speed/torque control by analog voltage command, with a maximum command pulse frequency of 4 Mpulses/s.
  • MR-J5W2/MR-J5W3
    Drive a maximum of either two to three servo motors, simplifying wiring, saving energy and enabling a more compact machine at a lower cost.
  • MR-J5-G-RJ-N1
    Multi-network EtherCAT drive, featuring high-speed, large-capacity communication, with a command communication cycle of >31.25 and speed frequency response of 3.5 KHz enabling advanced motion control.
  • Simple Converters MR-CM
    The common bus connection conserves energy through the efficient use of regenerative power. Simplify wiring and reduce installation space by reducing the number of molded-case circuit breakers and magnetic contactors.

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