SICK TriSpector1000



The TriSpector1000 is an intuitive, stand-alone vision sensor for cost-efficient 3D inspections. Its unrivaled ease-of-use and versatility are what sets it apart. No matter what shape, color or orientation objects come down the line, TriSpector1000 is up to the challenge. It delivers reliable results on site, with high accuracy and speed. And it literally has a mind of its own. Integrated data processing power lets it easily find, count and position objects, measure volume and object rotation, and acquire intensity data for label detection.


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MR-JE-BF Servo with STO



Mitsubishi Electric is happy to announce a key product extension for the MR-JE servo product line. To better serve the industrial automation market in the America’s, the MR-JE-BF now includes safety functions that provides a very effective low cost solution.


The MR-JE-BF is an easy to use, high functionality servo. This servo provides a cost-competitive solution ideal for low – mid level complex applications. This new general purpose servo amplifier accepts MR-SSCNET III/H up to 3kW and provides built-in STO (Safety Torque OFF) function.


High functionality features such as Advanced Auto-Tuning, Machine Diagnoses Function, and Instantaneous Power Failure Tough Drive from the MR-J4 Family. In addition, SS1 (Safe Stop 1) is available with the options such as MR-J3-D05 or safety logic PLC. The new MR-JE-BF is a cost competitive solution ideal for packaging, labeling, and pick and place machines.


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Apex Dynamics PEII


The Apex PEII series is the newest revision of the P series. The PII series design has been optimized for higher accuracy, lower weight and length, and greater motor mounting versatility. The PEII features an industry standard metric c-face output flange, carbon steel and aluminum construction, precision bonded housings for greater accuracy and faster, more precise assembly, and laser welded pinions for the highest concentricity two part assemblies.


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