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Founded in 1993, Advanced illumination was the first lighting company to develop and sell an LED lighting product and has continued being a global leader in the machine vision industry ever since.  Ai combines innovation in product development and process control to deliver tailored lighting solutions to its customers.  Ai has Stock products that ship in 1-3 days and hundreds of thousands of Build-to-Order lights that are ready to ship in 1-3 weeks.  Their customers face unique challenges regarding their ever-evolving inspection systems; Ai is here to innovate with them.

Lighting Solutions from Advanced illumination

Bar Lights

Bar Lights, also known as Linear Array Lights, offer both bright field and dark field illumination, depending on angle of incidence. Because of the variety of lengths available, Bar Lights are useful for large area illumination when used in opposing pairs or in a picture frame mounting orientation.


Backlighting provides an area of uniform illumination, oriented behind the object of interest, primarily for creating a part silhouette of instant contrast between dark and light. It is most useful for edge detection, part location/orientation or presence/absence, hole detection, and object gauging.

Dark Field Ring Lights

Dark Field Ring Lights provide illumination that is projected at a shallow angle to the imaging surface, 45 degrees or less.  Typical applications include reflective flat surface defect or edge detection, where the majority of the light may reflect away from the camera on the flat, featureless surface, but defects may scatter the light to the camera, creating feature-appropriate contrast.

Bright Field Ring Lights

Bright Field Ring Lights provide illumination directly onto an object, at angles of incidence above 45 degrees horizontal, creating distinct shadows or general purpose illumination, depending on subject features.  Highly effective when used on objects requiring high degrees of contrast.

Spot Lights

Spot Lights are typically characterized as general-purpose illuminators, used to create both bright field and dark field effects, depending on the light angle of incidence.

Line Lights

Line lights, as opposed to Linear Array Bar Lights, employ a secondary lens to focus the light into a narrow beam, typically for short to intermediate working distances.  Line Lights are mostly used in conjunction with line scan cameras and are typically mounted in a medium to high angle bright field orientation.

Coaxial Lights

Coaxial Lights provide a type of diffuse illumination, generated from an internal source.  The light is then deflected downward onto the imaging plane via a 50% beamsplitter, which also allows light from the object to be collected by the camera above.  Ideal for imaging highly reflective objects or where the area of inspection is obscured by shadows from its surroundings.

Diffuse Lights

Diffuse Lights, also known as “cloudy-day illumination” provide non-directional, soft illumination that is free of shadowing.  This effect is well suited for inspecting highly specular and curved objects, but at close working distances.

EuroBrite Lights from Advanced illumination

EuroBrite™ LED lights are engineered to provide high-intensity illumination and advanced technology for unmatched performance an exceptional value.  The built-in controller, with our Adaptive Overdrive™ and Adaptive Power™ technologies, drives the lights in both strobed and continuous modes.

Advanced illumination: Adaptive Power

A feature of EuroBrite™ lighting control, Adaptive Power™ utilizes an on board thermistor to maximize light output in continuous mode.

By factoring in the ambient temperature and the heat-sinking potential of the customer’s mounting structure, the maximum drive current is calculated and locked in.  For EuroBrite™ products, a performance increase of 2x is achievable, compared to a light that is mounted in free space.

Advanced illumination: Adaptive Overdrive

Adaptive Overdrive™ provides a maximal output pulse in strobe mode, regardless of exposure period.

Upon receiving an external trigger input, a EuroBrite™ light produces a high-power pulse for 5 mSec.  Should the external trigger pulse-width exceed 5 mSec, the light output pulse gradually trails off to a sustained, safe level for the remaining exposure period.  Traditional fixed duration strobe drivers cannot provide smaller performance.

Controllers for Driving LEDs in Machine Vision Applications

Advanced illumination offers three types of controllers for LED machine vision lighting products:

  1. DCS (Discreet Control System) Controllers
  2. ICS (In-Line Control Systems) Controllers
  3. ECS (Embedded Control Systems) Controllers

The DCS Controllers are fully featured, plug-and-play controllers.  They seamlessly switch between continuous-on to gated on/off and strobe overdrive, allowing for maximum flexibility in driving LEDs.  DCS Controllers from Ai feature a range of output options, from single output controllers with three channels to dual output controllers with eight sequencing channels, ideal for computational imaging.

One unique DCS Controller, the Pulsar 320, is a high current (50A) controller providing the ultimate in lighting control flexibility for strobe-only, high power requirement applications.

The ICS Controllers are optimal in applications where a large, higher current, external controller is not necessary.  These controllers are perfect applications requiring low- to medium-current illumination. The strobe and continuous capable in-line controllers, the Ai ICS 3 & 3S, provide steady current while also featuring Adaptive OverdriveTM to maximize strobe output – regardless of input pulse width.

The ECS Controllers are unique to our EuroBriteTM family of sealed, high performance illuminators.  These ECS Controllers can operate in either continuous or strobe mode, featuring both Adaptive OverdriveTM and Adaptive PowerTM capabilities.

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