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Mitsubishi Electric industrial robots have been supporting vertical markets since 1980. With class-leading speed and precision, they are ideal for simple pick-and-place applications to complex assembly tasks. Mitsubishi Electric’s robots are able to meet today’s demanding manufacturing applications using force sensing, seamless PLC integration, and the ability to operate in “collaborative applications”.

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To ensure optimal performance, Mitsubishi offers the Robot Diamond Assurance™ Preventive Maintenance Plan to increase the longevity of your robot. The optional plan costs less than a one-time preventative maintenance visit and includes the following:

  • Five annually scheduled on-site checkups
  • Five-year on-site parts and labor warranty
  • Covered engineer travel expenses
  • Priority on-site and phone support
  • RT ToolBox3 software
  • Basic maintenance training

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Robot Guidance

The SICK PLOC2D is a robot guidance system that offers easy setup and operation with simple integration with most robot brands and PLCs. Robot guidance using 2D/3D vision systems from SICK give users an easy economical way to benefit from this sophisticated technology. The systems stand out thanks to their intuitive, user-friendly configuration environment utilizing drag & drop toolkits.

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Inspection & Identification/Detection

SICK is at the forefront of the next industrial revolution with machine vision solutions that are ideal for automated inspection and measurement tasks. Based on decades of innovation leadership, Sick’s broad 2D and pioneering 3D portfolio, are used to solve a wide range of applications worldwide where there is a need to measure, located, inspect, and identify.

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Measuring, 2D
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Presence Inspection
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Color Inspection
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Collision Awareness


Moving machine parts have the potential to cause severe workplace injuries. Our robust safety portfolio provides you with multiple approaches to safe guard your most valuable assets. From physical barriers that enclose dangerous machine parts and prevent employee contact, to safe guarding devices that prevent in advertent access by employees to hazardous machine areas, SICK has it.


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Motion Controls & Visualization

Moxley’s technical expertise along with cost-effective high-performance solutions from Simple motion modules are ideal for positioning and synchronizing to coordinating many axes. Motion modules that can control high-speed, multi-axis systems are engineered to meet today’s manufacturing challenges. Our servo solutions interface with all major protocols. With already developed AOI’s, this allows for seamless integration. Utilization of Mitsubishi servo products provides high performance motion on most network platforms.

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Data Collection/Gateways/SCADA

Recent innovations in information and Communication Technologies enable collecting, storing, and processing detailed and accurate data about industry processes. This data enables manufacturers to significantly improve their operations and profitability in real-time. Data driven decision making allows SMEs (Small Medium-Sized Enterprises) to maximize production capacity, extend the life of machinery and prevent costly down-time.


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