Opto Engineering® has 20 years of experience servicing the machine vision market. They offer optics, lighting, cameras, software and AI Vision Units. 


A camera is only as good as its lens so selecting the correct machine vision lens is paramount to obtain a high quality image for correct and efficient following processing.

When selecting the type of lens needed for your application, a certain number of parameters must be considered: the lens to object distance (working distance), area that must be imaged (field of view), the thickness of the object or features of interest (depth or field), the intensity of light and the optics type.

Telecentric Lenses – Employed for demanding machine vision tasks for precision measurement, where low distortion is required or when perspective errors must be avoided. 

360° view optics by Opto Engineering® – Allows you to reduce the number of components in a vision system.

Macro lenses – Ideal for precision close range applications.