Zero-Max, Inc. was founded in 1949 by Minnesota inventor Sterling Stageberg when he designed a unique mechanical variable speed transmission drive that varied the output speed from a constant input from zero to maximum. From that date Zero-Max has been an industry leading manufacturer of power transmission components. 

For over 70 years Zero-Max has built a reputation on delivering the quality, durability, and performance required for demanding applications. They design and manufacture servo-rated shaft couplings, SAE and non-SAE overhung load adaptors, adjustable speed drives, keyless shaft bushings, and other innovative motion control and power transmission technologies. 

Coupled with a team of in-house application engineers and product distributors positioned worldwide, Zero-Max can deliver the right solution for your application.


Flexible Shaft Couplings

Overhung Load Adaptors

Power Transmission Products

Keyless Shaft Bushings