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Introducing Altech Corporation

Altech is a supplier of automation and control devices, specializing in supplies for panel building including circuit protection devices, push buttons and pilot lights, motor disconnects, terminal blocks and cable management. In order to continue to expand our product offerings and provide complete solutions to our customers, we will be stocking the following Altech product lines. In addition, we can supply our customers with other quality products from Altech.

Altech circuit breakers and motor starters

Circuit Protection Devices

Altech's established line of UL508 listed devices is now being complimented by UL1077 Recognized Supplementary Protectors, UL489 listed Miniature Molded Case Circuit Breakers and full size UL489 listed Molded Case Circuit Breakers. The result is the broadest line of miniature circuit breakers in the industry.

  • AC or DC UL489 Miniature Molded Case Circuit Breakers
  • UL489 Listed Molded Case Circuit Breakers, up to 600A
  • UL508 Manual Motor Controllers "Suitable as Motor Disconnect"
  • Three Phase Adjustable Trip Miniature Circuit Breakers/Manual Motor Controllers
  • Three Phase Adjustable Trip Economy Manual Motor Controllers
  • UL1077 Recognized Supplementary Protectors

altech busbar systems

Busbar Systems for Miniature Circuit Breakers

Altech's busbar system is an innovative way to jumper Miniature Circuit Breakers. They work with most top brands of miniature circuit breakers.

  • Installation time savings
  • Panel space savings
  • Little or no maintenance
  • High electrical rating
  • UL approved for MCBs
  • Compatible with top brand MCBs

motor disconnect whitches

Motor Disconnect Switches

Altech Motor Disconnect Switches are UL508 Listed Manual Motor Controllers for AC Motor Across-the-line, AC General Use.

  • Electrical ratings up to 150A/600V
  • Suitable for Motor Disconnect Means
  • 60A disconnect is smallest in industry
  • Horsepower rated to 75hp
  • Extended and direct handles, toggle switches DIN Rail and panel mount
  • Enclosed motor disconnect switches
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

Altech Pushbuttons and opperation lights

Push Buttons & Pilot Lights

Altech's new 22 and 30 mm Metallic Push Buttons, Selector Switches and LED Pilot Lights offer exceptional reliability and flexibility.

  • Designs include Operators, Pilot Lights, Modular Contact Blocks and Bulb Holders
  • Push Button Stations
  • Wide range of accessories

Other Available Product From Altech Corporation

Interface ModulesFoot Switches

  • Interface Modules
  • Pin & Sleeve Devices
  • Marking Systems
  • Foot Switches
  • Liquid Tight Strain Relief
  • Wire Duct
  • Ferrules
  • Fuses