About MB Kit Systems Inc.

For us, it started in October of 1996, when MB Kit Systems’ founders decided to leave Solingen, Germany, to start a new life in the United States. MB Kit Systems was founded with a strong understanding of high-quality extruded aluminum framing system. Akron, Ohio, was decided as the location to start MB Kit Systems Inc. Today, MB Kit Systems is the largest U.S. developer of extruded aluminum framing applications using extrusion profiles and components. Quality product is not the only value you get from working with us. No-cost engineering services and an experienced team that ensures customer service is the first priority. Our team works closely with distributors, end users, and original equipment manufacturers to design extruded aluminum linear motion systems, machinery and framing solutions using the most appropriate aluminum profiles and other components available.

Utilizing the highest-quality extruded aluminum profile to design and construct structural aluminum mechanical solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Compared to other extruded aluminum framing systems, the differences in aluminum extrusion quality are obvious from a side-by-side comparison, but the advantages go far beyond aesthetics. The high straightness tolerance and precision of extruded aluminum profiles enable us to design and build impressive custom linear actuators from off the shelf components.

The versatility of modular, extruded aluminum framing systems has its own inherent advantages by enabling easy alterations and revisions a machine design or process. The range of more than 300 lightweight aluminum profiles and thousands of accessories enable our engineering group to select the most appropriate components for each application. Our engineers specialize in dynamic applications; designing belt-driven linear actuators with travel from a few inches to over 200 feet (60 m). We also build ball screw actuators up to 110 inches in length, available with 5 and 20-pitch screw. In addition to linear motion systems, we are experts in robust structures, sub-structures, machine bases, machine frames, material handling applications, including assembly lines and material handling carts, industrial workbenches, special application enclosures, machine safety hard guarding and custom mezzanines.